MJ&P Kimberly B.C.

Trickle Creek Golf Club and restaurant at Kimberly Mountain Resort was the host for Mary Jane and Pauls beautiful wedding. These two began planning their wedding two years ago. We all know what happened after that. With the unfortunate circumstances of vendors going out of business and health guidelines steering the planning they were fortunate to find a location for the same date they began with. I was grateful to be able to stick with them on this turbulent ride. that is pandemic wedding planning. It truly meant a lot for them to have the same date on this journey as most the guests and family were traveling from eastern Canada and Northern Ireland. For most it was their first time this beautiful B.C. location and they were awe struck.

Mary Jane and Paul had their afternoon ceremony on a green at the Trickle Creek Golf Course. After we took family portraits we were shuttled to the top of Kimberly Alpine Resort. We captured the beautiful couple above the quaint hamlet of Kimberly and the vast Columbia Valley. This was were their ceremony was supposed to take place had the tragedy of the top lift shack burning down prevent all that.

It worked out with the couple having this time to reflect and take in their newlywed status on top of the world. After our session we headed down mountain to the Stemwinder Bar and Grill where the reception was held. The food was fantastic and accompanied by the charm of the Northern Irish accent only made the evening more lovely. The speeches made folks laugh till they cried. It was hard to say goodnight. I am sure the dance party was a blast especially with the live tunes.

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