D&M Parson B.C.

MRC Lodge and Cabins was the host for Doriena and Micheal’s beautiful wedding. In Parson B.C. overlooking the vast Columbia Valley with the snaking Columbia River drifting by. Surrounded by family and their dearest friends they recited their vows. Their fur baby Sitka was the ring barer and the poster dog of their wedding favors (discs), coasters and wine bottles. Doriena’s brother was the planner and decorator extraordinaire, fashioning one of the most beautiful wedding arches I have seen. A gold ring draped with Doriena’s crochet. Doriena and Micheal have been on their love journey for a decade now. They started planning their wedding before the pandemic but like many stories here we are now. These adventure buddies have traveled many corners of the globe together and planned to cruise down the coast, after their wedding, in their trusty van ‘Goldie’.

MRC Lodge and Cabins is a very peaceful location for a wedding. They have enough accommodation for about 30+ people. Their lodge has a beautiful dinning area that can double as a dance floor. The ceremony location was ideal with a natural amphitheater for seating and taking photos. And the beautiful back drop of the Purcell Mountains. After the ceremony we captured all the family together. Then myself, Micheal and Doriena with their bridal party drove to the Columbia river just a minute away.

The Columbia river had a nice breeze and was a lovely location for the party to have the first toast to the bride and groom. We then ventured to a hay field that had a great sprawling view of the valley. We asked permission from the owners who were kind enough to allow us on their property and in their other field as well. The other field was next door and under very tight security. We signed in and walked amongst the budding 1659 marijuana plants. This little side adventure was made possible by the very kind people who are the brains and brawn behind Kooteny Krush. The smiles and giddiness of theses kids in the ‘candyshop’ was so fun.


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