S&P Rustic Back Yard Wedding

Sarah and Peter are building a beautiful life outside of Golden B.C. Living in a dome on their acreage in the Columbia valley is a dream come true for these two. They met years ago while Peter was working as a raft guide in Golden. Sarah picked him up while he was hitch hiking to the same music festival she was going to. They fell deep for each other and continued from that moment on the same life path.

Sarah and Peter spent the week before their wedding clearing their land and making it a location for their wedding. Their family and friends helped move trees, dirt, rocks and planted daisy’s to make the ceremony site. So much hard work and love went into preparing for their day and it showed. Their home looked beautiful. It was the perfect location for the reception tent, where The White Tooth Bistro catered their amazing lunch. And after the ceremony everyone grabbed a cold drink from the canoe played lawn games and enjoyed the sunshine.

This was lunch time wedding because Sarah and Peter wanted to spend most of their time with family and friends paddling on the Columbia River. A floating visit with cold beverages and stunning views. So 45 people launched onto the Columbia with rafts, kayaks , paddle boards and canoes to make the journey into Golden from Nicholson. They planned to have the reception at The Rock Water where they had entertainment and a DJ to keep them dancing into the night.

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