C&P Takakkaw Falls, Field B.C.

Chloe and Pavo chose to get married in their backyard. Their backyard just so happens to be in Yoho National Park and the location of Takakkaw Falls, the highest waterfall in North America. The ladies got ready at Chloe’s house in Field B.C. (which is in Yoho) and just down the street from where Pavo’s parents live. So it was a ‘walk in the park’ to capture the Girls and then the Boys. We then drove the fifteen minutes of some of the most scenic roads in Yoho to Takakkaw Falls where the ceremony was held.

In the sprawling Yoho Valley beside the Yoho River under the massive Takakkaw Falls Chloe and Pavo had their quaint ceremony. Surrounded by family, friends and half the township of Field they recited their vows. Rain was forecast that afternoon but these love birds were blessed with lifting clouds that pulled back and revealed the ahh inspiring Rocky Mountains. This was especially jaw dropping for Chloe’s family and friends who traveled from the Uk to be apart of their special day. Most had never been to Canada before let a lone one of the most majestic locations it has to offer.

The reception was held at the Field town hall. Where food and drink were put together by the local talents of Field mice. I am sure the party was as unforgettable as their day was.

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