Carrie & Ryan Helicopter Wedding

Holt Lakes are nestled in the Dog Tooth Range of the Purcell Mountains. A remote set of alpine lakes that take a day to hike to or a ten minute helicopter ride from Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Carrie and Ryan are outdoor enthusiasts who live and play in Golden B.C. They wanted their guests to experience the lifestyle and surroundings they cherish. The couple rented a beautiful home at KHMR for family and friends to stay in. I showed up to a casual morning of make up, preparation and bewildered guests arriving. No one knew what Carrie and Ryan had planned as they were handed survival kits with various misleading clues in them like mints and plastic bags (for nausea). It wasn’t till we all went to the helicopter briefing with our pilot, Mark from Alpine Helicopters, that the guest got the full picture and more excitement set in. Wanting to scope the area out and capture the couple arriving I jumped in the first flight. It took just over an hour to fly 35 guests to this stunning location, this meant that I had that amount of time to run around the Alpine and get the lay of the land as well as capture the bride and grooms arrival. I have hiked around the area but never to Holt Lakes, it is a pristine piece of paradise with amazing photographic opportunities. My capture plan had to be well mapped out as we only had a certain amount of time and we couldn’t miss our flight.

The quaint ceremony was full of laughter and tears. Carrie and Ryan literally tied the knot ( a piece of rope brought in by one of the grooms men). There was a lovely alpine toast were the guests raised their drinks along with their hearts to the union of this lovely couple. The ceremony site overlooked one of the  turquoise lakes that hangs above the Holt creek drainage, a back drop that is incomparable to any wedding I have ever been to. We took a group picture and the family portraits there. Then as the guests were being shuttled back to town I took the wedding party on a photo excursion to the locations I had scoped out earlier. With a slight bit of cloud and some really fun peeps we had a great time and captured some gorgeous moments.

Carrie and Ryan had their reception at Corks restaurant up at Kicking Horse Mountain resort. I am sure the meal was amazing and the rest of their evening just as unforgettable.

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