Golden Proposal

Luke planned to propose to his girlfriend Allysa while they were out west on vacation from Ontario. Luke reached out to me to help with the perfect location for this. It was their first time to B.C. and he wanted it to be memorable and unique, and a surprise of course. How does one propose with a photographer standing by with out raising suspicion? I suggested Golden’s infamous Timber Frame Bridge as the location for the proposal. I would blend in there as another fascinated tourist admiring the beautiful structure. It worked perfectly, and Allysa was pleasantly surprised.

After Luke proposed and Allysa and she said yes we ventured to the top of Mt7 for some engagement photos. They were very impressed by the beauty of the Columbia valley and the surrounding Purcell Mountains that were slightly shrouded in cloud. They faced timed with their families and shared the wonderful news of their engagement.

Luke planned to take Allysa out for a wonderful dinner to celebrate. I had suggested my favourite restraunts in town and he picked The White Tooth Bistro. I am sure dinner was amazing.

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