Bosphorus Goodbye

Bosphorus was taken suddenly from this world and from his best friend Hana. He was diagnosed with an incurable tumour that had taking over his body and with in a couple of days he was assisted in leaving on his ever after journey. Hana asked me to capture her and Bosphorus as she said her goodbyes as well as Bosphorus’s fur friend. This is a necessary process that very few people grant them selves to have when it comes to saying goodbye to a pet. Hana believes strongly in the connections we have with our animals and vis versa, so much that she has a business that helps people interpret what their animal friends are trying to communicate with them. Her role as an ” end of life educator’ is to help people understand their beloved animal’s needs and perspective during this natural life transition by creating a sacred space for them and their animal. It was really beautiful to observe this happening, a natural letting go of the physical to open up the heart for his forever resting place. Hana’s work can be found here at End and After animal communication.

It was important to have Bosphorus’s puppy friend say goodbye as well. It was very touching to see the weariness and gentle approach and then acceptance.

Bosphorus was laid to rest on a friends property overlooking the mountains he loved to play in. As a dog person who has lost animals tragically and assisted there is no easy way to say goodbye. But I believe these animals that have loved us unconditionally and even saved my life more than ounce deserve a deep hearted farewell.

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  1. So sorry for your loss. Each one takes a piece of our hearts with them when they go. Non-dog people will never understand the love and bond between a pet and pet parent. May your forever puppy rest in peace, and you to gain a peaceful realization that you gave him the best life possible.

  2. What a beautiful and touching pictorial tribute to sweet Bosphorus. My tears are flowing for Hana as I know the deep grief she is experiencing after losing my heart dog 8 months ago. I know we are better humans for having these magnificent creatures in our lives and I know we will meet again when the time is right. Thank you for sharing the beauty and the pain.

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