Wolf Proposal

John contacted me in the fall of last year with this beautiful plan to propose to his girlfriend Karly during a wolf walk. He said Karly loves wolves and it would make the moment even more unique. He was right. We met in the morning at Northern Lights Wolf Centre where I posed as a photographer who came with the package. A wolf walk is a very intimate stroll in the side country with one or more wolves tagging a long being wolves. We got the pleasure of walking with Flora, a very sweet girl who loves her people and smiles a lot. There are a lot of rules when walking with a wolf that kinda restrict a photographer from doing her job the way she normally would. If kneeling to get a picture I would have to stand up right away if Flora came close. No running a head to capture or moving quick in any direction. As gentle and sweet Flora is, she is still a wolf and that instinct runs deep. On the walk we are given a lesson on wolf behaviour and history all the while Flora is dashing one way then another in and out of the forest being a wolf. When it came time for John to propose to Karly while sitting on a snow bank, Flora was digging up snow in the back ground distracting Karly from what John was saying. The question was eventually heard and answered with a resounding yes. Karly and John are originally from Venezuela were their families are and have challenging wedding planning a head of them. I know it will be amazing and John will make it the most rememberable day for Karly. Ring from Michael Hill
Wolf Flora from Northern Lights Wolf Centre

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