Diana Lake Proposal

When Michael reached out to me to capture his proposal to Meghan on a hike in September, I knew the ideal location. This being their first time in Canada they wanted to hike in the well known National Parks. Knowing the time of year was Larch season and the parks might be busier I took them to Diana Lake. I had to pretend to be a massage therapist who has an Uncle in the Navy with Michael and suggested they look me up and take them on this hike. Well the cover went off with out a hitch except for the one these two will be making because of course she said yes. Michael proposed to Meghan at the lake like we had planned. After that I could be my photographer self. We went to Diana Lake Lodge where for a small donation you can enjoy a glass of wine or beer to celebrate. We as well had a bowl of soup that energized us for the hike to the ridge that over looks Kootenay National Park. We were greeted on the ridge by a brisk snow storm, we captured a few moments before we descended back to the lake. In typical mountain fashion the storm had passed and the sun warmed are faces again when we arrived back at the lake. The hike out was stunning as the setting sun filtered through the golden larches.

Meghan and Michael have not seen each other in six months. Michael is a Naval pilot who has been working over seas. Meghan lives in the Reno. So they coordinated Michaels time off with a trip to see some of Canadas amazing National Parks. They planned to go hiking in Glacier National Park and Meghan was really excited to see Banff National Park.

I was thrilled to meet and capture these two in one of the most stunning places I know.

What Michael and Meghan had to say~

‘Thank you SO much for the photos! They’re all amazing and we love them so much!! We can’t wait to show our families on Sunday’

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