Helicopter Elopement Quartz Lake Shannon & Mike

Shannon and Mike are Goldenites who wanted to elope in the mountains where they fell in love. Quartz Lake is nestled in the Purcell Mountains a 5 minute flight from Golden. These two often snowmobile in Quartz valley but have never visited the lakes. When Shannon reached out about capturing their elopement, I suggested Quartz Lakes as an option. I hiked there with my family a few years ago and thought to myself this location would be ideal for an elopement.

A five minute afternoon flight with Alpine Helicopters, from the warm Columbia Valley transported us to the snow covered mountains around Quartz lake. Mike’s parents joined us to witness the ceremony commissioner Suzy Forbes performed beside the lake. There were plenty of smiles and the odd tear, chased by laughter and joy. Shannon and Mikes love seemed to take up the whole valley it was wonderful to witness.

After the ceremony Shannon, Mike and I went for a short walk through the mountain heather and around the lake to capture them in this stunning location. We were blessed with a warm fading October sun that gave us a soft light. I could of spent the rest of the day there wandering around but our flying chariot awaited and the celebration these two were going to have.

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