Jana & Nate Hillside Lodge

A weather forecast did not dampen Jana and Nates plans for a full day of photography before their nuptials at Hillside Lodge and Chalets. They had their reveal on the the Kicking Horse Pedestrian bridge in the morning. Nates daughter Zoe accompanying Jana as she walked towards her future husband. The sun streamed through the timbers and we knew we had to cease the moment right then if we were going to go for Mt.7 launch capture. We arrived in pea soup fog at the launch site with no view. After 15 minutes, 5 shivering girls and 4 disappointed boys (they were there with out bikes to ride down) made a plan to shoot a little further down the mountain out of the cloud. That is when the sky opened up and warmth filtered through and we were blessed with the view we came for. The next few hours were spent at various locations in Golden. Nate, having grown up here, had a list of spots that he wanted to work with. Jana had only one request, beautiful pictures. I believe we succeeded.








wedding-photography-golden-a-barrett-nate-jana-hillside-lodge-139Hillside lodge is an amazing wedding venue. We arrived as guests were filtering into their chairs, set up on the lawn. The ceremony officiated by Christina Benty was relaxed and well humoured. The Parson Jazz Cooperative accompanied the the wedding persession and gave a fabulous performance for the first dance.  Nate and Jana thank-you for sharing your nuptials with me and giving me a wonderful beginning to my summer season.








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