Kirsty & Jamie @ Emerald Lake Lodge

Emerald Lake Lodge in Yoho National Park is a beautiful romantic location for elopements. Kirsty and Jamie traveled from Scotland to share their vows with each other surrounded by Rocky Mountains in this magical place. They each wore a thistle to have a wee bit of Scotland close to their hearts. Kirsty and Jamie had written letters to one another and placed them in a box with a bear and a Canoe. They will open them on their tenth anniversary. I wonder if they can wait that long. After their quaint ceremony we walked to the boat house where the couple rented a canoe. Neither one of them seemed overly comfortable being in a boat but they still had a good time. Blessed with a stunning day we made the most of the setting sun. Kirsty and Jamie wanted to see the Natural Bridge and capture a few portraits there as well. The Kicking Horse river was flowing fast under the bridge and standing close you could feel its power. We then traveled into the Village of Field to use one of the heritage buildings as a back drop. An old building for Canada is still fairly new in Scotland. This is their first time in Canada and they plan to travel around before they head home.

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