Golden Orchestra

golden-orchestra-01The Golden Orchestra put on a breath taking performance this past week. I was fortunate to have scored one of the few remaining seats left in the building and it had a great view of my star of the show. I took all the following photos from my seat as not to impose on any one in the audience . Every one has a different perception while the music floods the air. A glance of a flute, the bow of a cello or the swift moves of the percussion change over. This was my view. I hope you enjoy the visual side of music as much as I do. It is nice to listen to Palladio while viewing theses as well.

golden-orchestra-23 golden-orchestra-31 golden-orchestra-19golden-orchestra-24 golden-orchestra-16


golden-orchestra-26golden-orchestra-03golden-orchestra-28golden-orchestra-15 golden-orchestra-21


Janis Dyck Confluence Art Therapy

art-therapy-12Janis is an artist and art therapist whom has lived in Golden for around 15 years. She has currently moved with her family to the country and into a lovely home on 6 acres. But the country is only a five minute drive from Golden. Which is great news for her Art Therapy clients. It is such a beautiful spot, warm, bright, inviting with stunning views. It is hard not to get inspired. Janis has just started a facebook page Confluence Art Therapy, make sure you check it out and ‘like’ it. There will be a website soon the reason for taking photos so I will try not to give too much away.