Wolf Proposal

John contacted me in the fall of last year with this beautiful plan to propose to his girlfriend Karly during a wolf walk. He said Karly loves wolves and it would make the moment even more unique. He was right. We met in the morning at Northern Lights Wolf Centre where I posed as a photographer who came with the package. A wolf walk is a very intimate stroll in the side country with one or more wolves tagging a long being wolves. We got the pleasure of walking with Flora, a very sweet girl who loves her people and smiles a lot. There are a lot of rules when walking with a wolf that kinda restrict a photographer from doing her job the way she normally would. If kneeling to get a picture I would have to stand up right away if Flora came close. No running a head to capture or moving quick in any direction. As gentle and sweet Flora is, she is still a wolf and that instinct runs deep. On the walk we are given a lesson on wolf behaviour and history all the while Flora is dashing one way then another in and out of the forest being a wolf. When it came time for John to propose to Karly while sitting on a snow bank, Flora was digging up snow in the back ground distracting Karly from what John was saying. The question was eventually heard and answered with a resounding yes. Karly and John are originally from Venezuela were their families are and have challenging wedding planning a head of them. I know it will be amazing and John will make it the most rememberable day for Karly. Ring from Michael Hill
Wolf Flora from Northern Lights Wolf Centre

Julie & Paul @ Emerald Lake

Julie and Paul decided to finally tie the knot. Being together for many years and comfortably in love was part of the reason. But truly it was having grandchildren that made them want the official connection. They chose Emerald Lake in Yoho National park as their wintery destination for their elopement. In the middle of the lake in the middle of January they read their vows to each other. As snow softly fell around them along with tears of joy. We took in some of the local sites and of course more photos. Julie in her beautiful hand made dress and details as well she sewed Pauls vest. Julie and Paul surprised their family afterwards with photos. A very Happy New year gift for everyone

Blaeberry BnB

This Air BnB has amazing views from every window. It has great presentation and everything anyone would need for a country escape. And all the room to add a few more guests.

Theo, New Born

Theo was a week late and just over 7 lbs. Maybe he new it was December and cold outside and was content to stay put in Mama. I was fortunate to meet Theo with in his first week of life. He had just finished a snack and was looking a little milk drunk, and I thought for sure he was down for a nap. That was not what he had planned and of course who can sleep when someone is taking your cloths off. Theo was very patient with the camera and of course loved being close to Mom and Dad and would turn to look at whom ever was talking to him. So very bright eyed. The family is so in love and enjoying their hibernation.

Krista & Jake Maternity

Krista and Jake are expecting a boy with in the next month. It was nice they could find time to capture this moment in their soon to be even more busy lives. These two had their session at the the same stunning location where they got married just over a year ago. The colours are beginning to change and added warmth to the scene and the crisp fall air.